TCM Clinic

The TCM Healthcare Center is renowned as the state-of-the-art modern Chinese medicine clinic. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a science and medical system in one that includes a unique method of diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases. It encompasses a variety of therapeutic methods such as herbal and food therapy, acupuncture and tuina (Chinese massage) therapy. Modern scientific management and computerized medical equipment are used in every process from patient registration, TCM diagnosis to prescription dispensation.

What is unique about the TCM Healthcare Center?

1. Instant soluble Chinese Medicine which requires no decoction.

The traditional method of decocting Chinese medicine is cumbersome and time-consuming. The TCM Healthcare Center prescribes instantly soluble Nong’s Concentrated Herbal Granules that requires no decoction. They are easy to carry and store and have the same efficacy, taste, aroma and solubility as Chinese medicine that are decocted in the traditional method. Patients can benefit from the convenience of modern scientific Chinese medicine without compromising on the efficacy of traditional prescriptions. It is the best answer and ideal for today’s busy lifestyles.
Nong’s Concentrated Herbal Granules is a designated scientific research item approved by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese medicine, a state bureau under the Ministry of Public Health in China in the production of concentrated herbal granules (Approval no: 00-01LL08). It is an affirmation of the eminence and authority in the Chinese medicine industry. Product’s quality and reliability are therefore guaranteed. Granules are accredited by the international authorized SGS (H.K.) Ltd. testing laboratory, and have obtained certificates for the tests of heavy metals, microorganisms and toxicity. Reliability and safety are thus assured. Moreover, it is widely used in the
United States and Europe because of its proven efficacy.

2. The first ever Chinese medicine clinic at the Mercury Drugstore
The TCM Healthcare Center is the first of its kind to be opened at a chain
store like the Mercury Drugstore. It is a modernized Chinese medical practice
applying a combination of contemporary medicine, innovative technology and skills with traditional Chinese medical healthcare system. The TCM Healthcare Center sets the standard of modern Chinese medicine in the retail drugstore environment.

3. Advanced equipment, safe and hygienic
The TCM Healthcare Center introduces the most advanced dispensing machine. The prescription of medicinal granules is automatically packed by a safe and reliable process. It is easy to store and carry to be in line with the recent computerization, internationalization and technological advancement of modern Chinese medicine.

4. Experienced Chinese medicine practitioners and well-trained staff
Practitioners employed in all possess graduate qualifications and proficiency in the practice of Chinese medicine. Likewise, Acupuncture, a kind of therapy for disease prevention and treatment is offered and done by expert practitioners together with well-learned staff to ensure quality reliable service and client satisfaction.